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Day 13: Manifested in the Flesh

...and man became a living being Genesis 2:7

Became – The Bible is without doubt the most fascinating book in the world. Why? Because it is simply beyond reasonable inference to imagine that all of the intricacies woven into its fabric could have been concocted by human beings. From beginning to end, the language of the Bible is filled with surprises, deep insights, and tasty linguistic treats. None are more fascinating than the implications provided by the use of the verb hayah (to be, to become). Yesterday we discovered that there is a marvelous connection between the idea of God’s word becoming in Micah and the rest of the prophets. At the very least, this implies that God’s verbal instruction to His people manifested itself in the prophet. How that occurs is a mystery, but no more mysterious than another use of hayah, found here in the story of the creation of Man.

Man became nephesh (the Hebrew word that encompasses will, emotions, mind, body, and spirit – a total person. More on that tomorrow). The same creative manifestation demonstrated in God’s word showing up (somehow) in the prophets is at the bottom of what it means to be alive. God’s breath manifested itself in the dust-formed creature and ha.a.dam ha.yah (literally, “the earth-made a person was manifested”). It’s almost as though the text says, “Personal life happened in this lump of formed dirt.” How life came to be in Man is not essentially different than how God’s word came to be in Micah. Think about that for the next 100 years!

We also learned that God’s personal name, YHWH (Yahweh) is also, at its core, the verb hayah. When God manifests His word in Micah, and when He manifests His life in Man, He merely makes tangible what He is. Take that thought and read John 1: 14 from a Hebrew perspective. “The Word hayah flesh.” The very essence of God, the I AM (Hayah) is manifested as basar (tangible body). This is not only saying that Jesus was born as a man. This is saying that the great “TO BE,” now happened in bodily form. The I AM now existed as the same kind of living being as all animal and human bodies. God’s mysterious hayah is demonstrated in yet another, unparalleled way.

Think about what this means for human life - for you and me. No, it does not mean that each of us has a spark of divinity. That is pure Greek philosophy. The New Age is nothing new. What this means is that you and I are in some respect vehicles by which God is manifested in His creation. We are fully equipped to reveal His glorious hayah. Whatever it means to be created in His image, it at least means that God plans to use my nephesh hayah as a demonstration of His glory.

How far is God from manifesting Himself in your life? Take a breath. That’s how far.


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