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In a world where everything is created by God, we believe that everything is sacred, everything is spiritual.

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The Gathering is the hub, through which all of our other sections have been made and are possible.


Every Saturday morning at 9am we gather together to pray, worship and study the Bible. Every meeting is a discussion, and we encourage questions and debate. Our teaching is centered around understanding the history, culture, language, and context of the Bible and how we can apply it to our daily lives. 

Our Events department is how we use our building to better serve the community - by providing a place where people can gather to celebrate, learn, and enjoy life. Whether it is a bounce party, a shower, or just a weekly meeting, we want to be a place where joy and celebration are our everyday! 

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Mental health is of vital importance to any community. Our counselors are dedicated to serving those that are looking to work on their mental health.

Licensed professionals are ready to work with clients of any age and are trained in a variety of types of counseling. 

The Gathering Academy is dedicated to investing in children during their developmental years. We teach fundamentals of character as well as knowledge. Our goal is to create lifelong learners and happy families by showering them with love, providing fun activities, and adapting to their individual needs. 

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Camp Hope is our base camp for volunteers. We provide housing, meals, and work sites for all who come to donate their time in the Greater New Orleans area. Camp Hope's mission is to serve those dedicated to serving the communities of Greater New Orleans.

We believe that physical health is an important factor of life. Weekly classes offered by experienced instructors to bring health and happiness to our community. Monthly memberships are available at the front desk for $40 a month. $6 per class. First class is free!

Come join the fun!

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