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Have you ever wondered what The Gathering is?


Is it a church, or what? Yes, no and kinda. Words like “Church” can feel restricting, and we want to think expansively about what a Christian life can be… So we think of ourselves as a spiritual community on a journey, allowing the experience to define itself.


We have learned the necessity of asking questions. In doing so we must ask, what does Religion have to do with what’s happening in the real world? What is the problem with Religion today? Is it community? Generosity? Compassion? Gratitude? Ritual? Humility? Discipline in eating? Care for the body and mind? These aren’t what the culture rejects, but rather what’s rejected is the institutional life, it feels dead. People reject passivity and rules, but they want to cry, dance, grieve, and experience joy. They want to feel what it means to be human.


Our goal is to reclaim what God wants- to become a spiritual community where we live like Jesus lived. 

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