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A New Hope

New Hope For those Star Wars fans reading, the idea of hope has a very concrete meaning. Especially after watching the newest movie, Rogue One. The ending leaves you right at the beginning where it all started almost 40 years ago. The thing that I loved most about Rogue One was its attention to detail. The writers understood that context was crucially important because the fans would allow nothing less. Any missed connection or incorrect detail would be pointed out as incorrect and to some, blasphemy. In my opinion Rogue One did a good job leading us all to A New Hope.

Last weekend we all celebrated and experienced the meal of Passover. The meal that Jesus had with His disciples (Luke 22:1-20) we too celebrate every year following His command, "do this in remembrance of me". Every year when drinking of this second cup we are reminded of the redemption we have through Jesus our Messiah. We are reminded throughout this meal of the covenant promises of our Father and the sacrifice of Messiah, for us. The last cup of Passover is the cup of hope. For many today, life seems hopeless. The stress of life, work, or family can mount to the point of being overwhelmed. For others, dysfunctional relationships, painful memories or that place where it looks as if there is nowhere to turn, Hope is necessary. Every year this cup of Hope reminds us, from one year to the next that we have HOPE. No matter the circumstances, no mater the pain, we have Hope in a God who hears us. We have hope in a Father who sent His son to guide us, to teach us, to bring us piece and direction. It is in Him that we have life, real life that is everlasting.

"Hope is what rebellions are built on", it's in these times when the culture around us seems doomed for moral failure that we are reminded that there is a remnant, (rebels) fighting for the Kingdom of God.


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